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Selenite Mini Tower

Selenite Mini Tower

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Welcome to our collection of Selenite Mini Towers, a delightful addition to your crystal treasures. These exquisite mini towers stand approximately 2 to 3 inches tall, each one unique in its own right, showcasing the inherent beauty of Selenite.

**Purchase is for one (1) randomly selected tower

Selenite, revered for its ethereal qualities and spiritual significance, has enchanted crystal enthusiasts for generations. With its pristine white appearance and delicate translucence, Selenite is believed to promote mental clarity, cleanse energy, and bring a sense of tranquility to any space it graces.

Our Selenite Mini Towers are the perfect companions for meditation, energy work, or simply to infuse your surroundings with the serene vibes of this wonderful crystal. Place them on your desk, nightstand, or meditation altar to create a calming atmosphere.

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